Fab Academy 2015

Gianluca _ Pugliese

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About //////

My name is Gianluca Pugliese and I come from Turin, a little city in the north of Italy.

I'm a photographer, a maker but, above all, I'm a digital fabrication lover so I have applied for this course because i want to improve my skills in this particular field.

This website is an useful personal page which will allow me to explain my journey during the FabAcademy and to explain my final project!

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Lab(s) //////

I'm the vice-president of the Fablab Torino, but I am following the lessons in Milan at the OpenDot Lab.

I also want to take advantage of this course and visit other Fablabs in Europe, and I will relate the adventure in the exercises pages.

Final Project //////


During the FabAcademy I want to develop an opensource modular gantry system and make it feasible to build in a Fablab or Makerspace.

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