Exercise 12


Composite Materials


Design and make a 3D mold (~ft2), and produce a fiber composite part in it

2 project:
How to make a longboard
How to make a surf


I have a personal project called OhMyLong!  that is a derivate of Fab Skate by Luciano Bertoldi.
During this week I tried to experiment a new technique.

Robot Arm

In Fablab Torino, we have a Comau robotic arm and we use it to experiment some artistic field with the arm like 3D print in ceramic and milling wood. This project is developed by Co-De-It, Officine Arduino and Fablab Torino. link to the project Digifab Touring
With Stefano Paradiso we tryng to make a longboard mold using the robot arm:
The Arm is controlled by a Grasshopper script that make and send directly a custom g-code to the arm

1            2

3            4

We mount a 12mm bit and we try to mill all the mold in one time


Here a video of the process during scanning myself


With Rhino I designed and cutted with laser the 3 brich wood layer


using fiber and bicomponent epoxy resin mixed 1:20 I glued all the layer
1  2


I put the sandwich in a vacuum bag with the particular spoonge fiber to absorb the resin and I made the vacuum with a Venturi valve instead the vacuum cleaner because with this valve I can use my 100L compressor to make the vacuum for many time with a low energy consumption
1         11


when the shape is ready is possible to mask some parts and color the board


With a gelcoat is possible to make the board woterproof an then is possible to stick the grip, trucks and wheels
and this is the final result:


Here you can download the longboard shape


During the week 8 I made a surf board.


I started using a nylon pantyhose to make a smoothie shape but it wasn't good

So I used a rubber fiber sheet that is unveiled perfect because it is useful to reinforce the pin and the tail of the board

x      x

On the sides I userd american tape to smooth the side shape



I covered the board with fiber covered by Epoxy resin mixed 1:2

x            x


Between the first and second layer I've insered a cartonboard logo