Week #14 || Networking and Communications


Software used:


Machine used:




1. Hello.bus.45

Like I described above, I made the serial communication hello.bus.45 bridge with two nodes. The design in Eagle went very quick, I designed the boards within an hour, and it took another two hours to prepare the cutout files and cut them. Soldering was a bit troublesome, but the errors were soon fixed


I decided to put the boards on the same cutout, in order not to have a mess of tiny boards, which will surely get lost eventually.





Now the boards are assembled, and programming can begin!


2. Programming


For programming, I followed the AS220 lab tutorial. First off is the bridge board, then the two nodes. I made seperate folders for each node with the same files, but the C code modified for each node.


After flashing the boards, I used Arduino IDE to test if it works....


....it does!



Click here to download the board, schematic and cut-PNG files RAR.