Geoffrey Desborough Fab Academy


Hi my name is Geoffrey, I am a 23 year old Kiwi from Kapiti (45mins from Wellington).I am currently living here with my parents but went to boarding school in Wellington and lived in Wellington during my degree. I completed a Bachelor of Design with Honours majoring in photography with Massey last year. I have worked in America (Colorado) working as a ski instructor and worked for Whakapapa (mountain in the North Island) and as a freestyle ski coach and have a very strong passion for shooting action sports, particular snow sports. I have always been involved with action sports such as downhill mountain biking, skateboarding, motocross and BMX. Knowing a lot of people involved in the area which helped me completed my final year project for my degree in which I made a 140 page action sport magazine with 8 athletes competing and enjoying there culture and lifestyle of those specific sports.

Through my degree i was also completing Industrial design papers which has allowed me to qualify for a Masters of Design. I am going to complete this alongside the Fab Lab diploma and I wanted the diploma to help push my technical skills knowledge in this field a lot further as i think it will become very useful when wanting to make rapid prototypes. In our final year for Industrial we were able to design anything we wanted. I was really interested in building something that I could use myself and something I would have great drive in. I wanted to build a 3 axis protection stabilisation camera rig for my DSLR camera or video cameras of similar size and weight. IÕm really confident within the 3D workshop at Massey and reasonable confident using the laser cutter bout thats about it in terms of Fab Lab knowledge. I am a really DIY type of person who would fix problems at university or at home. I have been working for my parents during the break where IÕm doing all the property management for them on our 6 acre lifestyle block. From cutting down 100 foot gum trees, chopping and stacking for firewood, to making dog kennels, to mowing lawns.