Fab Academy 2014,
Masato Takemura

Final Project

My final presentaition

I would like to make a vending machine connected to internet.
It helps people who want to sell personal products.
This vending machine have a special function below.

>Function1: Make sumnail automaticaly.
>Function2: Upload information of stock to shoping site.

If you have something not-need, you will want to sell at recycle-shop or by auction site like e-bay.
If you are small farmer, you want to sell vegetables you picked up as soon as possible.
If you are Maker, you want to sell something you made.
If you are ...

You have something to sell. However the way to sell something is not covenient. I'll make a box that makes your stuff sold easily.

My concept is connecting "unattended sales place" to internet. I was inspired by coin-operated locker type of unattended sales place.


How to use
1.Put something you want to sell into box.
2.You decide value and input it.
3.This machine take pictures automaticaly and send them to website.
4.After it is sold, you open the box and put out the stock and send it.

-Web-Camera and turn table
-7 segments LED for value panel
-connected to PC
-I make demo web shop

May,8 I chanege to use DC motor to stepper motor.(previous version is here)
First I would like to try close loop control for table rotation using homebrew rotaly sensor. But it enough to using open loop system and more simple and stable. So I choice stepper motor for rotaly table.
fig. Hardware description

To Do

>I'll make turn table controled by micro computer. >I'll use raspberryPi to take a picture using camera

Camera Module

I used Raspberry camera module.(link) It have a resolution as a 5 mega pixel. This camera module has a fixed focus, but we can adjust it. For that I made special tool for adjust focus. It can rotate lens. tool data that I made is here-> "tool for adjuting focus(.eps)"


I tested the camera module.


1.stepper mortor driver

See the 12th assignment.
I added a function that gets serial commands by RS232C connection to RaspberryPi.

2.LED driver

For lighting, there are 10 white LEDs.

Box design

See the document week's assignment15th, mechanical design.

Above link is first try. When I construced it, I found any problems and improvement. Those points are below.
>It needs some hole for cable.
>It should be adjustable for camera angle and light angle. >It needs switch for power ON/OFF. >The door change to clear from MDF.(half mirror is better?)

Application development

web server

I installed apache2. I enterd just two commands bellow.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install apache2

Then I input IP address "". I could see the web page with message, "It works!".

I made a test web page on raspberry pi. To check this page whether working or not, I tryed to browse from another PC on same local network. I checked the IP address by using "ifconfig". You can get IP adress. And you can check the IP address is working or not by using "ping" command from another computer.

I changed permission of folder "/var/www" 777. And placed index.html.

web programming

I made a web site for show pictures continuously looks like a 3D model. I found codes that enable the virtual 3D view by using jQuery.


Smple of SPRITESPIN(try to drag)

My final Project

Over view


I made a web site, a part of my project, on HTTP server in RaspberryPi. It is on local network. So I can't show you, but here is a demo web site.

Demo site of Networked Vendingmachine

You can see the object rotating. And you can rotate the object by mouse drag. Try to drag it!

You can download these files bellow.
Harware data set is here(
Software data set is here(