Fab Academy 2014,
Masato Takemura

Weekly Assingments

Class14: Mechanical Design
April 30th,2014


I lerned about Mechanical Design.


This week's assignment is designing my final project.

1. Design

I designed with Illustrator CS3.


Data is here(

2. Assemblly

For check my design, I cut MDF board(Thickness is 5.5mm). I used bolt and nut for made it rigid.

fig.3 I put cup on trial, fig.4 I used bolt and nut for assemble them.

I locate raspberry pi board under the case. For that, I had to make hole for 3 connectors. I made a mistake at DVI connector. I locate hole but it was small.

fig.5 set RaspberryPi

I use a stepper motor. It was fixed well! I felt good so much!!

fig.6 I put stepper motor.

Connector that fix steppermotor axis and rotaly table is made with 3D printer. It was designed by 123D Design.

fig.7 Designed by 123D Design

3D design file is here "axis.stl".

fig.8 I made connector by 3D printer.