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Adam Harris
FabAcademy Projects

February 19th 2014:    Electronics Production

The discussion today focused on using the Modela 3D plotter to mill PCBs for the Fab ISP key. 


You can download my files for this project here.

   I spent quite a while working with the Modela this week.  Firstly, I chose a really elegant design for the FabISP.  I went with Valentin's version, which reduces parts and simplifies the process of removing the programming circuitry.  When you build the FabISP, there is a portion of the circuit that is needed only when initially programming the USBTiny code to the Attiny44 chip.  After this, you must remove this section of the circuit to allow the Attiny44 to program other chips.  Valentin's version of the FabISPKey is a great solution to this problem.  Firstly, you solder all the components, program the Attiny44, then snap off a section of the PCB containing the extra circuitry that is no longer needed.  

I started writing a long step-by-step document and took a lot of pictures to embed, but in the end I realized that my website would become huge, and I don't want to be called out by Neil as "DU-nce of the week." Instead, I put together this step-by-step tutorial on the fablab webpage and a video (below) that shows exactly how to do everything step-by-step.

(Click this link if embedded video is not working)

The video makes things look like everything went well, but there were some mishaps:


    I was able to successfully program the FabISP and I even used it to program an ATMEGA328 to blink an LED to make sure it worked.  In the future, I might  remake this using a shoulder on each side of the USB plug.  This one wiggles too much and comes disconnected sometimes when trying to program a target board.

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