Fab Academy 2013

FAB LAB UNI | Lima - Perú

Computer-Aided Design

Drawing my project idea...



Like I write in the previous asisgnment, finally we decide to create an small CNC milling machine, normally I start drawing the parts, like the steppers, couplings,ball bearings, rails, wood parts, etc, as you can see in the pictures below:

The anti-backlash Nut

End-travel switch

Flexible Coupling

The XY stepper

Spindle motor

After many hours of computer draw and many issues resolved I finish all th mechanical parts of the machine:

All the parts of the cartesian table (download files)

All the parts of the spindle (download files)

The Virtual Assembly

After draw all the parts, I start to assembly all the parts in the 3D CAD software. First I create sub-assemblies and then the big assemblies. The software also permite to see any interference or collition. The final result of the CAD are showed in the next pictures:

Spindle sub-assembly

Y-Car sub-assembly

X-Car sub-assembly

Cartensian table assembly

The Render

The same software has a tool to render the 3D-CAD draws. It doesn´t has many tools to configure the rende, but is really easy to render pretty images: