Fab Academy 2013

FAB LAB UNI | Lima - Perú

Project Management

My final project idea is...

The air hockey table (Original Idea)

My final project idea is an air hockey table. I played with one of this machines a lot of time ago when I was a child and since this moment I want to have one, or better, build my own personalized air hockey table.

I'm planning the construction process like this:

  • The furniture structure: Made with MDF or Plywood, cutted with the CNC mill.
  • The table surface: Made with acrilic or policarbonate plate, cutted with the laser cutter.
  • The pucks could be made with molding and casting in epoxic resine, or (if is necesary) with policarbonate resine board cutted with laser cutter
  • The mallet (goalie, striker, pusher or paddle) could be made with molding and casting in epoxic resine
  • The air supply: two or three brushless fans could be use to this purpose.
  • The score board: will made with acrilic and leds
  • The score sensor: could be made with light sensor and laser diode
  • CNC Milling Machine (Final Idea)

    After the some advances in the idea of the Air hockey table, we decide to develope and other machine the ZYX Core, inspired in the Core XY cartesian platform. Also we will try to made it portable.

    All the material we have to bought in the local markets. Here in Peru is dificult to bouth some elements, normally we need to import this, and it take several time normally. So that we take the desition to develope with local material.

    Before start the construction process, I'd draw some sketches in paper of the posicion of the parts and the functiĆ³n.

    (I drawed many others, but these two are de more legibles)

    I take some considerations for the manufacture:

  • The structure: Will made with MDF or Plywood and acrylic, cutted with the CNC mill or laser cutter.
  • The movement: The stepper motors are ideal and cheaper enought for this purpouse.
  • The sensors: The machine will need some kind of end travel sensor, maybe a lever switch.