Final Project Proposal

Lesson 1: Project Management

Lesson 2: Computer-Aided Design

Lesson 3: Computer-controlled Cutting

Lesson 4: Electronic Production

Hello From Yogyakarta!


Hello All,
My name is Tommy Suryo R. I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia since 1995. My basic study is Visual Communication Design, BA from Indonesia Institute of Art Yogyakarta. I was more advance on web design & development actually. But since last July 2011, I run Fablab Yogyakarta, under my main organisation, HONF Foundation, in cooperation with Waag Society, NL as a sister lab of Fablab Amsterdam.


That trigged me to be introduced into Digital Fabrication when my first visit to Fablab Amsterdam in 2009. Several days staying at Fablab Amsterdam to have the first Prosthetics Workshop lead me to learn more about digital fabrication and how it can be implement into our base social need.


So, to upgrade my knowledge more about it, I decided to join the Fab Academy class this year (2013). In one side it is give me more advance works to do (beside my regular job as Fablab Manager), but the other side, I am excited to learn a lot on this Fab Academy 2013, and also to meet other people on the (network) class.


Fablab Yogyakarta

House of natural fiber (HONF Foundation)