Week 6: Electronics Design

1. Introduction

This week's assignment was to design own avr circuit boards and soldering the parts used in the design. At this point, Eagle is a powerful tool for electronics design. Eagle is one of the free softwares which can design and check electronic circuit. Also. each parts can be arranged after the design of circuit. Afterwards, assembly would be the following step.

The purpose of this week's project is learning the usage of Eagle, basic of electronics design.

2. Electronics Design by EAGLE

Since I am a complete tyro of Eagle, I followed the instruction of Eagle by Anna France. She arranged a hello-world board by adding a LED and a button.

Some important notice of Eagle are:
Open both schematic and board because both designs are syncronized each other.
<-"Name" button at Eagle's tool tab is instructive tool for schematic to be simpler.
LED requires proper voltage. By arranging a resistor before LED, we can decrease the voltage of circuit.

This is a result of schematic design. Eagle can automatically embed the all parts of this circuit. But we must configurate properly based on the schematic.

This is the result. I tried to design this with being smaller than original one. Of course, the distribution of each parts were quite difficult. However, we MUST NOT use automatic resolver because it designs with TWO layers. Since prototype board has only ONE layer, we must stroke the wire with the top layer.

Each part has each trait, so we must design the voltage and electricity with proper number.

3. Electronics Assembly

After outputing png format file.

(March 4, 2013)

I found that there was no pass between left side of a microcontroller and Resister.

I modified the design.

Milling and soldering. I could make it only one attempt!

4. Overall

From this assignment, I could learn how to use Eagle and basic of electronics, and also reconfirm how to use Modela. Although last time a number of attempts had been necessary to attain a proper circuit, I could succeed at engraving and soldering a circuit only in one time.