Week 11: Composites


LED Lighting with composites of Epoxy rosin and Cherry blassom

1. Introduction

One of the greatest examples of composites is Carbon Fiber, which is used for latest airplane and sports car. By definition, composites material is basically adulteration of two or more materials which are quite different from the other.

This week's assignment was to make something with composites. I also wanted to make something that can be assembled coincidentally and seasonally. From end of march to first of april, sakura had enraptured us. But, today the cherry blassom has already fluttered down, and the petal was trashed. In addition, I bought Pulse Sensor, so I tried to make this!

To utilize this petal and to remind the beauty of sakura, I decided to make composites of cherry petal and epoxy rosin.

2. Design

For rough schematics, I designed with Eagle and then Illustrator.For 3D object modelling, I designed a mold with Rhinoceros and milling based on Modela via Fab Modules.

3. Material

Resistor: at Sengoku.

LED: at Sengoku Denki.

Modelling Wax: at Technologia

Alginine Acid: I had already bought at Tokyu Hands

Epoxy Rosin: at Lemon Gasui

4. Assembly

But, something wrong happened to the petal. The color of the petal has changed from pink to green.