Week 3: Computer-Controlled Cutting

For me, this is the first time to maneuver a laser cutter. Firstly, I had to make the license of laser cutter. This one.

This week's assignment was to make press-fit construction. The press-fit construction is the structure without any wrenches or nails. A number of examples can be seen on the internet. However, for an architecture leaner, making actual complex form is interesting. So, I decided to make "light box" which is made of cardboard. Since only a cardboard can transmit light, complex light can be formed through this material.

This is a diagram of this design.

Based on Rhinoceros OSX, I designed this box.

Next, interlocked slices could be analyzed automatically on Autodesk 123D Make. Here is the result.

Thirdly, cut the card boxes on Epiog laser cutter.

Finally, combine the parts. But failed...

I will try Wed...