Week 2: Computer-Aided Design

CAD is prevalent nowadays however I could not design with 3DCAD due to the strange feeling. Since tool used in design works as meta-design, I have avoided 3DCAD. However, I try to use 3DCAD for the first time.

Of course, I basically can design by 2D CAD which is similar to the notion of drawing on paper. On the other hand, I can only manipulate only a little of bit SketchUp as 3DCAD and SketchUp API because I can use Ruby. Even in architectural design, rhinoceros becomes the good platform of parametric design based on Grasshopper. Hence, I thought that I should learn how to use Rhinoceros as a 3DCAD and Grasshopper as a simulation tool.

To begin with learning Rhinoceros, I tried to draw a succor ball because its shape is complicated and difficult enough to learn the technique of 3DCAD. The structure of succor ball is like Buckminsterfullerene which has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. Firstly, I drew a hexagon and a pentagon which was attached to the hexagon. Based on full cooperation of rotation and array, I could draw the Buckminsterfullerene. Same size of sphere was drew then the polygon's lines embossed to the sphere. After I split the sphere, the surface of the pentagons were drew black.

This was the result.

I have tried to design the appearance of Gecko. Such as this.I basically designed this based on the consecutive sections.

I guess this shape is not gecko, but snake. Is it due to the no leg? Anyway, I should design the leg. I should redesign this if the time is available.

... I do not understand about the notion of this 3DCAD. I would like to design likewise scripture. Or, the full-cooperation of digital and analog design is required.