I am Mikael Le Bigot and I am network technicien in a British company in Amsterdam.
I am living in Amsterdam and I am enjoying to use the bycicle everyday when there is not snow... ;-)
To run my project, I will use only open source software from my computer as I am a Linux user :-) If I can do it as of course some software are still in devellopment phase and could be instable and cause some problems. I will try it but if I can't find any solution then I will use copyright software :-(
Humans are creating, building and inventing all sort of objects in their life to improve it. Today, news  ideas are emerging.
Today, new ideas appear to move towards industrial production customized.
I make my first step in this new world.
I hope to learn a lot, to develop my knowledge during the time I will pass in the FabLab of Amsterdam. But I won't do follow all the lessons this year maybe the rest for the next year. :-)



The program that I will follow:

Digital Fabrication Principles and Practices (Jan 18)

Collaborative Technical Development, Documentation, and Project Management (Jan 25)

Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Modeling (Feb 1)
Comptuter-Controlled Cutting (Feb 8th)
Computer-Controlled Machining (Feb 22)

3D Scanning and Printing (Mar 21)

Mechanical Design (Apr 18)

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Business Models (May 23)

Final Project Presentations (May 30)