Week 1 - Final Project Proposal

16 Channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer
Graphic Equalizer Display Main


My proposal for a final project is going to be a 16 channel audio spectrum analyzer. It will consist of 360 rectangular led's encased in a laser cut enclosure. I will show the common frequencies of the audio spectrum as taken from an audio input source, along with a visualization of the left and right analog voltage. The circuitry will work as follows: The stereo input source will be amplified to a workable voltage range(0-5V) and then feed to 16 active band pass filters. From the filters the signals will go into an analog to digital multiplexer(CD74HC4067), where the analog signals will then be converted into a serial stream and fed into a microprocessor. The microprocessor will then control the led array by pulse width modulating the columns of the array while the corresponding analog voltage is fed into the row circuitry.


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