Applications and Implication

This week is about to answer some questions related to final project.From this assignment I will get to know what project part is remaining or what should I do related to project.My project is Automated water management system.Detailed drawing and information about project is given in assignment 1.

What will it do?

Basically I am from rural area,so I know the problems in rural area,one of the important problem is water.As I am working with Vigyan Ashram,Pabal.Pabal is drought prone region.Water scarcity is problem in pabal,but people don't understand it.So I will going to make such system where I get data log of water consumption.Also I will display or send message on mobile.Also I will check what is currently water level in tank.When water level goes below threshold value ,motor will automatically on and vice versa.I will going to make mobile app to send and receive message.

Who's done what beforehand?

There are many such projects available as DIY project or college project.These project are upto indicate water level.All these water level sensors and display are quite expensive.So my challenge is how I will make all project in minimum amount.Second thing I am going to keep data log of water .This is additional feature of my project.

What will you design?

My project is divided in two parts i.e.mechanical design and electronic design. 1)Electronic Design:I will be using Eagle software to design my final project board. 2)3D Software:In fusion I will design casing for my whole project.Also to protect ultrasonic sensor from water I will design 3D part for that.

What materials and components will be used?

Material and components for my project are given below:
1)Acrylic sheet 3mm
2)3D print material (PLA/ABS)
Power jack
LED display
Ultrasonic sensor
GSM module
Reset button

Where will come from?

Most of the electronic components are available in our Fab lab inventory.If some components are not available in Fab inventory those components are will buy from local electronic market(Pune).Also I will order it from Amazon.

How much will they cost?

The cost of all components and material are listed out.I have made Bill Of material(BOM).I have attached BOM file here.


What parts and systems will be made?

Parts I am gonna made:
1)I will made acrylic box.2)I will made 3D printed casing for sensor.
System I am gonna made:
I will made microcontroller board for whole system operation i.e.Data log of water and water level indication ,message on mobile.

What processes will be used?

1)Laser cutter for the acrylic box.
2)3D printer for the casing of sensor.
3)Milling machine to produce PCB.
4)Soldering station to solder own PCB.

Questions need to be answered?

1)How it will beneficial for peoples.
2)How it will made in low cost.
3)Accuracy of project.

How will it be evaluated?

After completion of project ,I will install project in Vigyan Ashram.I will check whether the project is working correctly,whether it is showing correct data log of water.

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