Week_11 - Output Devices


  • group assignment:
    • measure the power consumption of an output device

    • You can find our group assignment on Fablab page or in Piotr Bejneka week 11 Group assinment where he measures the mA of the LCD.
  • individual assignment:
    • add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed, and program it to do something

Individual assignment

This week, the main task is to connect the output device and get some reaction in the designed board.

The necessary elements:
  • Attiny 44
  • SMD RGB LED w2s155ts-a41
  • 2x 10k OHM Resistor
  • 1k OHM Resistor
  • 499 OHM Resistor
  • 0 OHM Resistor (jumper)
  • 1uF Capasitor
  • PINHD 2x3 SMD

    I started by looking at pinout attiny 44

    The hardest moment is always to imagine the tile we design to make the connections between the components in such a way that they cross as little as possible, and if they cross, think about changing Attina's pins in connection with the components.


    After designing the tile, it's time to milling out its files attached as always at the end of the page.


    Arduino code

    I made the same layout for the arduino. Using LED RGB of several jumpers and Arduino.

    		const int redPin = 7;
    		const int greenPin = 6;
    		const int bluePin = 5;
    		void setup() {}
    		void loop() {
    		  analogWrite(redPin, random(0,255));
    		  analogWrite(greenPin, random(0,255));
    		  analogWrite(bluePin, random(0,255));

    all files from projects