Project Proposal

Fab Train Model

My idea for the final project is to build a model using composites to model the terrain. Also that a level crossing works before the passage of the train.

(I like to draw the projects or the prototypes, I can know what materials I will need and the measurements of the objects. I must confess that I have borrowed the paintings and markers from my sister; It had been a long time since I colored anything and it hasn't been bad.) 🤣

As I explained in my About since I was little I like trains and I also participate in an Association that makes models. For this I will be inspired by the Maquetren modular regulations here.

The frame of the model will be built in wood (the perimeter). For the landscape until now we used polystyrene that we carved with a cutter and then put glue and paper. In the Fab Lab my instructor Nuria had taught me several examples of the use of composites. I plan to mill the polystyrene with the shape of the desired landscape, but slice it. This allows me to make different landscape combinations and recycling the milled polystyrene model.

The model simulates a level crossing system. The system detects the arrival of the train by sensors and communicates with the actuators that move the barriers and the sequence of lights. To detect the train I plan to use light sensors or similar. When the train passes the sequence will be as follows:

  • Detect the train. The lights begin to flash and slowly lower the barriers of the level crossing.
  • When the train has just passed just above the level crossing, the system is deactivated, the lights go out and the barriers rise.

There is a sensor on each side of the level crossing to detect the direction of the train. To activate the movement of the barriers I will use servos.

For the transport of the model, being modular it is disassembled into three pieces of the same size. With two boards at the ends you can hold the three modules and transport them at once.

This is my project idea, I hope to carry it out during these six months.😅