The assembly was a little simple since the machine was small and does not contain several parts, I started to put the sensors and motors in their place and leave their cables accessible to the board.

Then I started the assembly of the upper part that will contain the solenoid. First I added the Linear Motion Bearing, the rods, the belt and the solenoid. Then I assembled the different parts of the machine.

System integration

since the electronic part is in the right part of the machine, it is necessary to put my card is the right motor and wires in their place and see if it is sufficient or not. Here is the picture showing that all the electronic part was included in the machine.


It is important to say that I did a few tests before the complete assembly of the machine, I first tested the sensors and the motors.

After testing all the functionalities, I closed the machine, connected it to my computer and sent an adequate gcode you could see in this video its movements while writing.

as the first test my braille printer wrote "hello world", the writing was accurate and compatible with the braille writing that appeared on the Baraillerap website corresponding to "hello world".

The second test was the name of my machine "FATALUI" I was really happy with my little printer, it can write its name.