Final Project

First IDEA

project name:
Off-grid I/O module controller

My hometown has lots of farm roads along fields. It is useful cause it could be shortcut rather than taking a wide national route. But in the evening, the road seems really dangerous to go through especially you are not accustomed to it because there are no light. So firstly, I planned to create off the grid light poles to put them along the farm roads. It must be great help that people walk through safely in the nighttime. And also preventing from light pollution, it emits light only when people pass it through in front. I was thinking to use LEDs and a PIR motion sensor and also add BLE connection for remote controlling and solar battery unit for self-power supply per one pole. If the system build successfully, It would look like a light follows a person who walks through the farm road in the dark.

developed a little…
In my first plan, fixed input and output parts were two in total. If I design these two parts as changeable modules, I can treat the pole not only lighting stuff but also data collecting tool. It might be utilized in agricultural usage. So now, my IDEA has been slightly changed from the first one. I am thinking to create an off-grid I/O module controller whose shape is like a pile. It means that my outcome is going to be the micro controller and I/O modules specialized in outdoor use. The device consists of four parts. The top part includes solar battery unit, micro controller, and BLE transmitter. The second and third parts are the module part. Users can choose modules like LED, speaker, various sensors etc. and set the function of it easily each time. And the last part is a pile part for driving the end of the device into soil. Each part is connected by screw joint and keep the electrical connection by conductive plates (maybe engraved copper one) which are attached bottom and edge of screws. Modules are ready-to-connect so users do not need to think of electrical connection complicatedly. They just need to screw and connect them.

Developed the illustrations



3D model

appearance of the outcome at the moment

taking the outcome to pieces