Assigment #10
Applications and Implications

The 10th assignment of the Fab Academy program is about Applications and Implications. We have to provide a specific definition of what our final project is going to be, answering a series of quastions...

1 – What will it do?

My final project it’s going to be a really special MIDI controller that will turn the position of himself into MIDI change control values to send to a musical instrument. I aim to create a flexible and reliable interface that will help mustitian to better express their art.

2 – Who has done what beforehand?

There’s a whole story of MIDI controllers (MIDI is one of the most ancient protocol that is still used). The most basic ones consist in simple keyboards, but there are many more elaborated MIDI controllers (like the AlphaSphere by Nu Desine).

3 -What will you design?

The electronics, the casing and the code.

Mountain View

4 - What materials and components will be used?

I will use PLA for the top and bottom shells, pine wood for the handle, and FR1 + electronic components for the board.

5 - Where will they come from?

Most of the parts will come out of the Lab stock, with a few additions from the most common online shops (amazon/ebay and Farnell for the electronic components)

6 - How much will they cost?

The overall price of the device will be around 30 €, 20 for the electronics and about 10 € for wood and PLA. Check the spreadsheet below for more detailed info:

7 - What parts and systems will be made?

All (see question 2)

8 - What processes will be used?

I will use 3d printing to make the shells, CNC milling for the wooden handle as well as the electronics. I will use then the Arduino IDE to code the functions and program the electronics

9 - What questions need to be answered?

What gestures and sensor will create a new and interesting way to interact with electronic music instruments? What is a shape that is nice and ergonomic? How can I program sensors to work efficiently with MIDI?

10 - How will it be evaluated?

I will evaluate the success of my product by testing it myself and by giving it to some musicians to collect feedbacks.