Hello I’m Micky

My name is Micky van Zeijl. I’m a lecturer at the department of Communication and Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I teach third year courses about Design Ethics and Design Argumentation in combination with first year design project coaching about physical interaction and prototyping. I love to combine theory and philosophy with applied design work. In my free time I love to do speed skating and I’m trying to learn short track even though it’s a bit scary.

My motivation for the Fab Academy

As a lecturer I am mainly busy with grading and reviewing student work. I don’t have time to develop my own project and miss doing my own design work. In addition, I noticed more and more that I don’t like designing for screens. Last year I got the opportunity to work for one day a week as an instructor at our university’s Makers Lab. As an instructor I help students using the machines. The work at the Makers lab inspired me to start the Fab Academy as I noticed that I lack skills and knowledge regarding physical design and development. I love to learn how to make stuff.

The Makers lab of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

My background

I have a bachelor in Interaction Design and a European Media Master of Arts in Interactive Multi Media both from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. And I have a MA in New Media and Digital Culture from the Utrecht University. Before teaching at the University of Applied Sciences I worked as freelancer as program coordinator of the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam, at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, and I developed the pilot for Swartzshield. At the moment I’m lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Examples of my work

Digital Design Ethics Conference

Last year, 2018, me and my colleagues organized the Digital Design Ethics Conference in Amsterdam. I was host of the day and together with my Design Ethics colleague Charlie Mulholland I gave the workshop about The Virtuous Designer

Digital Design Ethics Conference

MOOC Prototyping Interaction

My Colleagues Frank Kloos and Maaike van Cruchten at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences developed the MOOC Prototyping for Interaction. I helped and supported them during the setup face which was a lot of fun. It’s a very interesting course with a chapter on physical prototyping as well.

Tailer of the MOOC Prototyping Interaction


In 2013 I developed, together with Joris Hoebe and Tim Murck, the project Swartzshield. This project was a digital storytelling pilot made in honor of Aron Swartz. We were nominated for two dutch game awards: ‘Special Award’ and ‘the best Music and Audio Design’, and we were selected as part of the NFF Digital Storytelling Competition. We created this project in the masterclass about liquid journalism organized by Sandberg and Mediapark

Teaser Swartzshield