18. Wildcard week

making choclates

For this week i will use a thermoformer machine

I will use the pyramyde from my week molding and casting to do a cover and make pralines with chocolates

I have placed my piece and heated the plastic film (food safe)

the datasheet for the film said put on 5 i dnt know the temp

and for the time it is 1m20s

after that you can press

And activated the vacuumpomp

And you can see the result verry well detailed

And now it’s time to pepare the choclates

i poor it to the microwave and add a little of water to melt it gently like 300 Watt 3m

and voila

and gently poor my mold

add something inside

and recover the bottom with choclates

and after demold : bonne d├ęgustation (in french)

sorry for the poor quality of the image

to do this

molding page