_week 13

applications & implications

During this Fabreak I will be organizing my thoughts and ideas in regards to my final project.
So I will dedicate this page to organize mi calendar of activities for the Fabreak and for the development stages of my final project.

I wrote a calendar of activities of what I wanted to accomplish that week.
Some things I am still working on them, I was not able to follow the calendar precisely but it is useful to understand and organize the priorities of my final project.

I updated as well the page with my final project, I divided the progress into stages, you can check out here the progress:


This is the list of questions that my final project must answer.
All the details and complete documenation of the final project are inside ---FINAL PROJECT DOCUMENTATION--- page.

_What will it do?
For my final project I've decided to design an entrance/exit system for our cat Mirruñis to go in and out from home. It will allow only her to access our house and no other cat/animal will be able to go in.

_Who's done what beforehand?
There are a number of existing door flaps for cats and dogs out on the market. Most of them are adjustable flaps that can be easily mounted on any door/window.
Some of them use manual mechanisms that enable the pet entrance/exit, and many others use automated devices to enable the opening and closing
I wrote down a list of existing pet-flap-doors inside the page STAGE 1 page.
Inspired on these products and adapted to our lives, our house and our cat, I wanted to personalize this system and create a smart shelter for our cat that at the same time lets her go in-out of our house.

_What will you design?
I plan to design a house/shelter where I will integrate the flap system that enables only our cat to go in, using an RFID tag.
The flap and all the components of the door.
The PCB with the sensors I will need to create the opening/closing system.
Design and program the code to make the system work.
The integration of all the circuits into one "case".
An app to remotely control the opening and closing of the door as well.
The necklace she will be wearing with the tag.

_What materials and components will be used?
-plywood for the structure of the house
-PLA filament for the "entrance tunnel" and several small components I will design for the flap
-TPU elastic filament for the pendant that will be attached to the necklace
-acrylic for the case to contain the electronics
-fabric for the necklace (maybe felt just for prototyping purposes)
-a couple of magnets to keep the flap aligned when closed
-9V battery or AC/DC 9V adaptor to supply the battery to the system
Components: -input sensor RFID tag reader
-output sensor servo motor or solenoids
-bluetooth module to remotely control the opening/closing -PCB designed to control all the functions

_Where will come from?
Almost the materials and components I will use I will get them through vendors online on TAOBAO TAOBAO which is supplied by manufacturers in China (mostly Shenzhen for the sensors).
I will use as well material that is available in our lab for the components I will solder on my PCB's, filament or others.

_How much will they cost?
You can find the BOM (bill of materials) inside the page: bill of materials

_How much will they cost?
The tunnel-flap, the structure of the house, the necklace and pendant, the PCB, the programming of the PCB, the development of the app.

_What questions need to be answered?
-1 How does the system work?
-2 How does she get in and out?
-3 How to make sure the lock is locked on its place.
-4 How to make sure the tag is read when the cat passes?
-5 How to keep the door unlocked?