Bergþóra Ólöf Björgvinsdóttir
Fab Academy 2018

Weekly assignments

Principles and Practices

Week 1

Project management

Week 2

Computer-aided design

Week 3

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 4

Electronics production

Week 5

3D scanning and printing

Week 6

Electronics design

Week 7

Computer-controlled machining

Week 8

Embedded Programming

Week 9

Molding and casting

Week 10


Week 11

Input devices

Week 12

Output devices

Week 13

Interface and application programming

Week 14

Networking and communications

Week 15

Mechanical and machine design

Week 16 and 17

Wildcard week

Week 18

Applications and implications

Week 19

Invention, intellectual property, and income

Week 20

Project development

Week 21

Project presentations

Week 22


Hi my name is Bergþóra Ólöf Björgvinsdóttir and I am 19 years old. I live on an island called Heimaey in the archipelago Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland and I´ve lived there my whole life.

I graduated from upper secondary school (framhaldsskóli) in December 2017 but didn't quite know what I wanted to learn in university so I thought Fab Academy would be great preparation for further studies. I am interested in becoming an architect and I think Fab Academy will help me with that or whatever I choose to do.

I have taken a few classes in Fab Lab throughout my education and I am excited to continue learning in Fab Lab. I think Fab Academy will give me new perspective on things and also help me to become more open minded to new ideas. When I finish Fab Academy I'm hoping I will have gotten to know a lot of new people from all over the world and that I will be able to make (almost) anything.