Fab Academy 2018


Mechanical Design, Machine Design


From a common need, the FabLab Yachay team wanted to make a fully developed machine in the laboratory with the resources that are available, as well as contributing to the development of people who wish to create their own machines, as a machine design activity we have proposed the creation of a small and accessible electronic plate milling machine as an alternative to our Roland MDX-40 machine

Shown how your team planned and executed the project

The work team is multidisciplinary and consists of:

And with the great support of our instructor Angel Cuasqui, based on the knowledge of each of us we have divided the activities according to the knowledge of each participant, so we have designed the following planning sketch which details the activities and Manufacturing issues per week.

For the activity, Jose Acosta will be responsible for the design of the structure and the coupling of the engines, Eduardo Cartagena will be responsible for the electronic development and automation of the system with Jose, David Arias will be responsible for the design of the coupling of the tip of the machine, all team members will be provided mutual support, to achieve the purpose of manufacturing the machine.

Described problems and how the team solved them

In the development of the group project we encountered some drawbacks in the development of our group project, we were not clear what final functionality we would give to the CNC, some opted for it to be a 3D printer, others for a CNC, others that are a bench milling machine, the important thing is that after an analysis we reached the conclusion that the element could be exchanged on the final axis, be it drilling head, milling head, laser head, markers, etc, in order that the machine is multiproposite.

Listed future development opportunities for this project

From our machine, people who follow our designs can create new and easy machines that can serve their needs, such as machines derived from the original design or new creations.

Included your design files

Here, FabLab Yachay Team Share all the design files:

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