Thanks for checking me out! *finger guns*

Carl P-Conquilla - Catch me on LinkedIn if you want to chat!

I've worked on racecars, robots, and UAVs. My passions are startup teams, teaching young people and music.

Back in Perth, Western Australia I worked three jobs - I was a Lecturer in Applied Engineering, I ran a rapid prototyping co-workshop in the heart of the city called SOLDER and I worked on a prototype for a new era of neural peripheral at HUMMTech - a Perth based hardware startup.

Previously I'd been a founder of three other funded startups. Two of them have websites - Picci, a facial recognition meets social media app based in Perth and Jakarta, Indonesia; Conifr, a carbon emissions tracking app based in Santa Cruz, California.

I've got two startups on the way, let me know if you're interested in the UAVs or large-format spacecraft!

So why am I doing FabAcademy I hear you ask?

After all this ramble I'm here to level out my mastery of fabrication and manufacturing skills, as well as meet new people, visit new places, and be a part of the FabLab community movement as it grows!

I did a huge write-up of the ins-and-outs of my motivations for taking up this course in the preamble for Week 9 and compare my thoughts and observations of other students' situations, in particular those studying part time or less.

About this site

I've written this site with the intention of logging my adventures, keeping track of all the things I've learned, and also to help out anyone who's had or having the same problems.

This is my first proper online presence so I'm not in a big rush to do everything perfect or consistently.

I also don't actually read any books without pictures in them, so if you find a mistake it's because I probably haven't even read through it myself! Thanks for reading this, you might be the first!

I talk really fast since I'm from Australia, and sometimes I don't explain things that well. I hope that if you have any questions about things I talk about you'll reach out to me. I'm always happy to talk.

Also this place is a work in progress so if you come across something that doesn't look quite finished it probably is and that's just me - but there's a remote possibility that I haven't been around to finishing that section so make sure to check back later!

Lastly, for the astute of you out there and to keep things interesting I've seeded a bunch of easter eggs around the site so keep an eye out 😆

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