Week 18: Applications and Implications

Individual assignment:

This week assignment is we need to answer few question related to our project range from , What will it do?, Who's done what beforehand ?, What will you design ?

What will it do ?

It looks similar to normal plug , which controls by our smartphone .It interacts with the user through Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging and IP service. Go to the technical side. It senses the voltage and current and calculates the power connected. These data communicated to the user through the internet. The user gets data by chatting with this plug over telegram. Establishing telegram communication, the ESp8266 module is equipped inside the system, and we can control the device using telegram also.

Who's done what beforehand?

Before starting the project I searched online and found that telegram based lamp control projects also founded some home energy monitor projects seen in hacker website. So what I decide is to integrate all these and make it as a product.

What will you design?

I started with PCB designing for the project, eagle software is used, and I familiarised it use from electronic design week onwards. I need to model the case for holding the components and PC so I 3D model the case using Fusion 360 and 2D modelling for the case is also done with fusion 360.

What materials and components will be used?

From input week onwards I am searching for the components, I purchased ZMCT103 current sensor, and 220v.9v step-down transformer for Current and voltage measurement respectively. Also, Purchase an ESP8266 Miniboard and 5V relay ( Lab inventory only 12 V is present). And a Small SMP of 5V. Atmega 328p along with some resistors and capacitors taken from Fab inventory

Where will come from?

Current sensor .ESP8266 Mini board and Relay purchased from Online, and Step-down transformer and SMPS bought from the local shop. Rest of things is available in inventory. Relay available in the lab is 12 V if I use this I need separate 12-volt connection so I avoid that and use the relay from outside.

How much will they cost?

The entire cost of product should come under 2500 INR (40 USD approx).Bill is attached in final project page

What parts and systems will be made?

The case and PCB contain all my electronics parts

what processes will be used?

Doing this project, I need to design a PCB in eagle software(Learnings from electronic design week )for accompanying the sensors for measurement and also for communication. Also, need to develop the case for the device. I need to consider the IEA( Indian Electrical Act for designing the plug and Socket) In India Commonly available plug and sockets are Type M.Plan to Make 3D printing the case, For desiging plan to use fusion 360 and PLA will be the material for 3D printing ( Learninings from 3D printing week )

More Details Project development page

what questions need to be answered?

How to send data from Atmega to ESP8266 without data loss?

How to Calibrate the Current sensor?

how will it be evaluated?

The aim is to read Current and Voltage and send that data to my telegram. It is my primary Target. Controlling part is second for me. Because Atmega can't post the data to the internet directly. My project is to get data in my telegram, So I focused on how to send data from Atmeag to ESP8266 without loss. If it becomes success ESP can send that to the telegram.

what is the schedule?

My project presentation is sheduled on July 18th so i deviced to keep up daily reminder alaram , and dived my work into electronic production as first then embedded programming after that i can go with 3D and 2D desiging