Interface and Application Programming



  • write an application that interfaces with an input &/or output device
  • compare as many tool options as possible (group assignment)
  • Compare as many tool options as possible

    You can see the complete documentation of group assignments on the opendot website at this LINK.


    Also for this assignment I decided to focus on what could be useful for the final project. The idea is to use Processing to design the opening and closing interface and control of the drawer.

    Try to make a working BOARD


    the idea is to build a small interface that allows users to:

  • check that all the drawers are inserted;
  • check through the reading of the hall sensor that the drawer lock is allocated;
  • command the servo motor to open and close the drawer.
  • For this operation I decided to use Processing and I start from this tutorial.

    Inspirations and tutorial:
  • Mouse 1D.
  • switch.
  • Arduino firmata library.
  • connect processing and arduino.
  • Since none of my board works, in order not to waste any more time and try the software I decided to set up a small BETA version using arduino. I start from test the hallsensor board with arduino and adapt the code, and it's done.


    While I was going ahead in development of my final project, considering the communication with the other board, it seemed less useful to realize an interface for opening and closing the chest of drawers.

    We thought it would be interesting to have an interface that would help the user in the first installation calibration. The first idea was to build an interface that could be useful for debugging: that made an initial check of the three fundamental parts of the project (switch of drawers, position of servo motor and hall sensor threshold) and that allowed modify the parameters checking immediately the correctness, and then be able to manually correct the code.