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Project Management

About Me:

My name is Noor Ahmed Raza Pirwani. I completed my bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from Hamdard University Karachi. Joined Ejaadtech after bachelors and work as a space manager/coordinator in their MAKERSPACE named "Tajurbagah" in Karachi. Volunteer myself in STEAM activities and Workshops conducted by EjaadTech in different schools/colleges and universities. After gaining 11 months of experience at Tajurbagah I leaved Karachi to enhance my skills at FABLAB Khairpur.

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Lecture & Recitaton of a Week:

Lecture on 24th of January, 2018: Project Management by Neil Gershenfeld

Recitation on 29th of January, 2018: Gitlab by Fiore Basile

Tasks for a Week

Website Development

I started my task with a pencil sketch of my webpage.

Webpage Sketch

My first sketch of website

It turns to be pretty simple when my whole idea is on page. There are many differnet ways to make a website, in which we get a templates, drag and drop possibilities and a little bit coding to make a responsive website. I already work on WIX.com and Wordpress as a website development tools. But this time I have one week to accomplish my task so I decided to make a website from scratch. I took my favourite book on this subject "HTML and CSS design and build websites" by Jon Duckett and for quick help I use W3Schools.com.

HTML and CSS Book

Book Title:"HTML & CSS design and build websites by Jon Duckett"

The simple and easy software which I installed to write a code is Notepad++, it is free as well so I didn't need any license for that.

Notepad++ Code on Notepad++

Notepad++ IDE

After a whole week I made my website.

Webpage preview

My webpage preview

Another Method for Website Development

Another method I learnt in this week for developing website is a cloud-based web development platform WIX.com. They provide services to make website by just drag and drop things. It is the easiest method and can be completed in a day. To start development webpage click on sign in on right top corner

Main Page for Wix.com

GIT Tutorial

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance.
There are basically a few commands, which I had to go through, and my all project got uploaded on the server.
Here are the steps which I have to go through

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