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Molding and Casting

Lecture & Recitaton of a Week:

Lecture on 21st of March, 2018: Molding and Casting by Neil Gershenfeld

No Recitation on 2nd of April, 2018

Tasks for a Week

Molding & Casting

This week is full of learning new things. I never try molding and casting before so I planned to make something simple for this week assignment. Before modeling the designs of our individual assignments. First thing is to decide which materials are we going to use for Molding and Casting

Group Assignment

This week group assignment is to review the datasheets of the materials we are using in making mold and cast. Below we are sharing some important points after reviewing safety datasheets of Mold Max 60 for molding and Smooth-Cast 305 for casting materials

Mold Max 60 Safety DataSheet Review:

Mold Max 60 packaging

Mold Max 60

Product/Chemical Name: Mold Max 60 Part A:

Product/Chemical Name: Mold Max 60 Part B:

Smooth-Cast 300 Series Safety DataSheet Review:

Smooth-Cast 305 packaging

Smooth-Cast 305

Product/Chemical Name: Smooth-Cast 305 Part A:

Product/Chemical Name: Smooth-Cast 305 Part B:

Individual Assignment

For this week assignment I made a snowflake keychain which reminds me of beautiful winter season in these Khairpur high temperature days. I split my assignment documentation into 4 parts which are:

3D Model

To make a snowflake First I download a suitable and simplified image of snowflake from Google, then I opened it in Adobe Photoshop CS2 to remove its background and save it as .png format.

removing background from picture

Removing background from Picture in Adobe Photoshop CS2

Then I import photoshopped image in InkScape for making scalable vector file by using trace bitmap and save that as .svg format.

making Scalable file

Making SVG file uisng Inkscape

To open an image in SolidWorks we need a DXF file, for that I export a file from .svg to .dxf format.

making 3D from 2D

Making 3D from 2D in SolidWorks

after extruding original design I make a square, extrude-cut it, and join it with original model and save as .stl format for furthur process

making .stl file

completing design with boundaries and save it as .stl


For milling I am using Rolnad SRM-20 machine and the material to mill is Machinable wax which is used as Rigid Mold here. SRM-20 is worked on .prn format and to generate that I am using MODELA Player 4 a software which came with SRM-20 for making molds.

Process in Modela Player 4

To generate .prn for SRM-20. I followed these steps which I mention below:

Making Flexible Mold

After making Rigid Mold its time to make flexible mold from it. I am using Mold Max 60 which is used to cast both metal and plastic. The procedure to make mold is define below:

Mold Max 60 is able to cast both metal and plastic. So we try both casting in our Lab.

Metal Casting

The material we are using in metal casting is Bismuth. It has low melting point which is 271.4C so it is less harmful to work on.

Plastic Casting

For plastic casting we used Smooth-Cast 300. The ratio of part A and B is 1:1. I miscalculate the time and when I poured it in mold it freezes between pouring.

1st try casting

another bad result

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