Digital Badges



Digital badges is a digital file (web page) that is a visual representation of a learning or accomplishment. It’s a tool that confirms the evaluation of specific experiences. They can be host, manage and shared across digital files containing a set of encrypted metadata that describe a skill, experience or level of accomplishment.


It is possible to group digital badges according to three main goals:

  • Motivate the learner to learn in adding value to learning activities;
  • Recognize achievements and experiences.
  • Certify acquiring knowledge, developing skills and abilities.

  • Contexts of use

    Their purpose is unfolded in various contexts they incidently help to bridge.

    • In academia and educational institutions, badges can be used to support and motivate students, to customize learning, as a complement to various processes of graduations and certification already in use (co-curriculum).
    • In the workplace, they can improve talent and human capital management, favour recruitment and integration, allow managing and designing the professional development of employees, increase organizational effectiveness, and contribute to Internet marketing and to the reputation of organizations.
    • In society, they give value to non-formal learning in public education, social engagement (volunteering), new innovation and learning spaces (Fab Lab, Living Lab), online training (applications, MOOC), and learning and digital citizenship programs (such as Learning cities).

    Digital Badges and Fab Labs

    Video recording of a presentation :

    Slides : Digital Badges and Skills Recognition in Fab Lab

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