Final video of bot

Prototype 1 of bot

About Omni bot

Omni bot , a host bot with multiple end factors attachment holder having utilities in  floor cleaning , playing by drawing random shapes on surface  and lot more as per user your need you can use the chassis and design new end factor for it .

Features of omni bot

1 Omni bot is bot which move in both x-y axis independently and simultaneously

2 It can be control by blue-tooth control mobile application

3 Multiple heads / attachment to bot which allow us to use for various purpose

4 Stable geometry for your head attachment i.e head is in center of bot

5 Have moduler board so you can attach sensors ,

Bill of material

Files for final project

My experience of making this bot

 In my engineering  i made many project but i did't work with digital fabrication tools , it was great experience of doing fab  academy and working on making complete project which involve all the skill sets we learned ,Doing this exercise is great and  i learned a lot and more important time management  and i want to take my project for further development  i am working on improving omni wheels traction and making it more reliable as per user need so one can you it for domestic use and also adding on technology i have plan to make omni drawing bot , omni laser engraving bots which are control by stepper motor using grbl firmware so i have more control on movemnts etc.


special thanks to My Remote gure ohad meyahus , and local instructor Rudrapalsigh solanki for his guidance throughout and the development of project andand kishan chavda my friend who help me in doing assembly and fixing  challenges i face during electronics design and  Globle evaluater Santi Fuentemilla for his valuable inputs in every week  and Tapan and Dhruv for their valueble suggestions and help in procument of components and my batchmates  tanveer , adhitya , Rutuja .