Week 19 - project develop

Project development

All final project work is in the final project page


what is the deadline? How much time do I have left?

The deadline is final project presentation day. I dont have that much time left so in the last few days i have to work harder

how will I complete the remaining tasks in time?

By being in the lab longer and working harder. I made a schedule to come in the lab every day and do specific tasks every single day until the project is complete

what has worked?

The dock charging station is working well and the pcb snaps on it using the magnets which is what i wanted. The work on motion sensing is going okay and is working according to plan and i can read tilt values

what hasn’t?

The led holder part i tried to laser cut and 3d print it but i did not get the right curve and it did not fit exactly right. I will keep trying

what questions still need to be resolved?

How to create a holder that can fit the leds exactly but is curved? Is laser cutting or 3d printing the best option for led holders?

what have you learned?

That things dont always go according to plan and that things sometimes go wrong and take longer than expected. I did learn so much about 3d printing and designing for 3d print