Week 17 - applications


i have to Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered in this week. i have to answer the questions:

the scope of a project

The aim of this project is to create a cup that can be used by customers to juice bars and similar businesses

project plan

The plan is to experiment with motion sensing and create a cup with rgb lights for a smart cup with cool effects

what will it do?

my final project is to build a cup product which simulates the liquid level as cool animation for Juice Bars

the cup should should simulate the liquid following gravity when is tilted .. this is a project that i intend to sell to some juice bars as decoration tool that people come and enjoy the experience of it and can take video snaps of it..

who has done what beforehand?

there are smart cups that exists. people like to drink coffe so a lot of them are for hot drinks. there are smart cups that can connect to the phone to keep a drink hot and there are cups that display tempreture on the cup itsself. I also found cups that keep a drink warm all the time just by having heat element. img i found a really cool cup from a brand called vessyl that can detect whats inside and tell the user how much water they need to drink in the day. it also connect to the phone img

but none of this is what i want to do, its cool functions but not what i want i found somr cups with led lights in them but not smart. they just show random lights. i want the lights to change according to movement.


as far as i know there is no cup like this in the market

what materials and components will be required?

for the cup not many components are required. It will require the following:
*motion sensing sensor module (6 axis DOF: MPU-6050)
*RGB addressable led strips ws2812b
*3d PLA filament for the casing
*PCB stock material
*rechargeable lipo battery ( should have high C-rating to discharge)
*microcontroller atmega328
*USB connector USB MICRO B
*contacts from cup to duckstation Digikey: 1212-1448-ND
*magnet to snap-fit

digikey cart link

where will they come from?

i will order most material electronic from digikey and other stuff i will get from the lab. i ordered the rgb led stips from ebay because i found it there cheaper than digikey

how much will it cost?

item cost
digikey 100$
rgb led 10$
PLA 14 spool 7$
extras ~20$

what parts and systems will be made?

The cup structure will be made from scratch and the charge station and the led holder part

what processes will be used?

for the cup i will use a lot of processes like:
* 3d printing for printing the base and sides of the cup
* electonic design and production for circuits
* input device for the accelerometer and cup motion
* output device for the leds
* laser cut for the case
* 3d and 2d design for the cup design

what tasks need to be completed?

The parts left for the project is to create the cup structure and 3d print it. Also to create a structure that fits the leds perfectly. To create the pcb and charge station and test the charging and motion detection.

what other questions need to be answered?

Would the rgb response be fast enough ? Will the charging snap fit work and be able to snap to the cup and charge?

how will it be evaluated?

If the rgb leds respond to the user movement and the cup charges when connected to a dock