Óscar González Fernández - Fabacademy 2018 Website

Óscar Face

Hi! My name is Óscar González and I am a Fabacademy 2018 student in Barcelona.

I was born in Cáceres, a small town in the region of Extremadura (Spain) in 1989. I have a duel passion, torn between technical and the artistic. I am a passionate mechanical engineer and I started my career at the University of Extremadura and later on in Seville where I studied Industrial Engineering, subsequently finishing my studies at IFP School, in Paris. I have spent some time travelling around between Spain, France and England – finally returning to Spain where I currently reside in Barcelona. Here, I have been working for 4 years as an automotive engineer in the field of engine calibration, for Nissan Motor Ltd, but my passion for engineering and technology extends beyond traditional sector roles and has brought me into other fields, including the arts. I am open to new challenges, and I am excited to see what new collaborative projects are in my future and in what new directions they will take me.

SmartCitizen Kit 1.5

Currently, I am collaborating with the development of some sensors in the SmartCitizen Kit V2.0, as I explore new horizons within Fablab BCN with the Fabacademy program, as well as lighting design and technical management of Iron Skulls Co.

Iron Skulls Co