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The aim for this Final project is to create an Open Source, Fabbable and modular equipment aiming to improve sensor calibration approaches for low cost pollution sensors. The approach though can be easily expanded towards a controlled test rig system with: data logging and interface, test setup and close loop control for environmental variables such as light, temperature, humidity and gas concentrations (CO2, NO2 or others). This can not only be used for pollution sensors, but as well for environments where controlled variables are needed such as biological studies or food growing environments.

Having said that, it could set ground for an open development of a hardware solution aiming to provide a common open source and modular framework. Having it be Open Source, the potential expansion to other frameworks and input of others collaborators could be facilitated and it be enriching for different testing approaches in several fields to come to a common ground and provide with solutions to others.

All this, aiming super-high, could be disseminated via common GitLab/Hub repositories, but as well with fablabs.io network which could not only be used to disseminate knowledge around manufacturing processes and DIY projects, but also for scientific validated testing equipment with different purposes.