A time-lapse camera slider!

In this week’s assignment I will be collaborating with this team to create a time-lapse camera slider on rails:

All the documentation related with the machine is available under the machine design documentation.

I will simply detail here, my main focus on this assignment within the group:

  • To develop the mechanical design of the parts and try to reduce fabrication time by combining both digital fabrication techniques
  • To prepare, test and surveil the 3D printing and iterate on the fabrication process

For the first task, I worked on the sketching and conceptualisation of the different components that would integrate the camera slider. I took great inspiration from RepRap 3D printed machines and tried to combine both, laser cutter and 3D printing for reducing machining time and specially, 3D printing. The main idea was to:

  • Use the 3D printing for semi-flexible components such as the shaft holders with adjustable load on the shaft
  • Use laser cut for structural components such as the main machine structure

These are some images on the design process:

And some of the printed and cut pieces:

For a more detailed description of the process, please visit our group site.