Some initial thoughts for the course’s final project.


Motion Capture System

Related to my background in performing arts and dance, a potential final project would be to create a body motion capture system for dancers based on a wearable device able to send via UDP protocol the acceleration of several nodes positioned on the dancer’s body. This would serve the purpose of controlling lights/audio in a dance performance but could be extended to others.


  • IMU (accelerometer) placed on several nodes on the target (dancer’s) body
  • ESP module to transfer packets via UDP to a receiving node, able of analysing them and
  • Wearable “pods” to attach on target objects

Image credit: Neuronmocap


  • Human modelisation code for dancers
  • Create a C++/Python library for Audio Generation from movement
  • Create a C++ library for light controlfrom movement via DMX protocol (open USB DMX from ENTTEC)

Examples / Inspiration


GPS Bike Tracker

The main idea behind this project is to create a custom anti-theft device for locked bicycles. It’s main purpose would be for it to serve as a GPS bike tracker in case of unintended bike movement and for it to be installed easily inside the bike’s frame.


  • GPS location
  • IMU (accelerometer)
  • GSM SIM card / LoRa connectivity:

In case of unintended movement, triggered by the IMU, the GPS module would send via any of these two ways the bike’s location to the user’s phone. The user as well could lock or unlock the bike accordingly, should he/she want to monitor it’s position in an unprotected situation.

Dimmensions for this device would be an important design point, and they should allow the installation of the device inside the bike’s frame, but also allowing easy removal for battery charging, in case of not including in the final design the possibility of self motion charging from the bike wheels.

Bike Frame

Add-ons / かいぜん (Kaizen)

  • Since the GPS is already there, some add-ons could be included such as non-definitive guidance in cities (somehow like a small compass in the handle bar).

  • Charging through the bike movement itself

Examples / Inspiration

Examples from other off-the-self devices would be the following, to bring inspiration from:

Seeed Studio

Image credit: Seeed Studio LoNet 808