Grading and Final Evaluation

The evaluation process to assess the progress of Fab Academy students work during the cycle is comprised by 2 layers:

  1. Local evaluation
  2. Global evaluation

Local Evaluation

Local Instructors should be evaluating students' work periodically throughout the course. A bi-weekly review is good, a weekly review with the student is ideal.

Instructors must review each student’s work according to the documentation provided by the student, NOT what was observed in the lab. Instructors should discuss incomplete work / documentation with a student on an ongoing basis.

Global Evaluation

Simultaneously, Global Evaluators are assigned during the cycle to double check the application to the Assessment standards and provide a general overview of the process.

Instructors are responsible for the evaluation of students while Global Evaluators keep an eye on the general progress, and step in in specific cases that require so.

Fab Academy Evaluation Criteria

In order to complete the program and receive the Fab Academy Diploma students need to satisfactorily complete ALL assignments and their final project, in accordance with the Assessment standards

Graduated students have free access to the Fab Conference in the cycle they Graduate in.

Continuing students will be assessed by the current standards of the course.

Evaluation tools

The evaluation process is documented in the Evaluation App:

There, Students, Instructors and Global Evaluators have a profile and are able to log in to comment and review comments regarding the evaluation process.

The App is the tool for what is called “continuous evaluation” in which there is a constant stream of assignments being evaluated and passed, by both Instructors and Global evaluators, to have a continuously updated picture of student’s status during the cycle. In addition, students receive continuous reviews that allow informed decisions along the cycle.

Evaluation dates

Check the current schedule for Evaluation and Finals.

Continuing Students

There are a few students that were missed or slipped through the cracks during the last round.

Any instructor who has a student that needs to be evaluated or re-evaluated from a previous year/cycle should:

Contact the Fab Academy Coordination who will inform about the deadlines, fees and procedure.