Accepted Academy Sites: Getting Started

Basic Lab Expectations to Become a Fab Academy Node

  • The "Basic Requirements" have already been met

  • There is a Local Instructor present in the Lab

  • If the Local Instructor is new (first year as an instructor), they are officially assigned to and being mentored by a Remote Guru.

  • Local instructors will attend prep meetings each week at 08:30 EST

  • Local Working Groups (comprised of students and instructors) will attend lecture together from the local lab every Wednesday at 09:00 EDT and recitations on Mondays 09:00 EDT.

Class Participation: Internet Access

The Fab Academy meets as a class for lecture, homework review and other meetings via videoconference. You must have a reliable internet connection to participate.

New Lab Checklist: Complete These Tasks Prior to 1st Class

  • Your lab has all the digital fabrication machines set up and ready for immediate student use.

  • You have ordered (or are working with the Fab Foundation to order) all the necessary course materials

  • Your lab meets the Video Conferencing requirements AND your lab has "test connected" to the MCU PRIOR TO CLASS to ensure that:

    • your network can handle the bandwidth required

    • you have the necessary hardware

    • understand how to mute your microphone

    • we have a pleasant and trouble-free first class ;-)

  • "How to Connect" to the MCU Quickstart

  • Your lab’s Local Instructor is on the instructor list. If you have not been receiving emails, you are not on the list. Contact Fab Academy Coordination

  • You have clearly communicated your student’s email addresses to Fab Academy Coordination so your students have been added to the "Class" email list.

New Remote Guru Checklist: Prior to 1st Class

Complete the tasks on the the "New Lab Checklist" above - PLUS You have arranged a mutually agreed upon WEEKLY MEETING TIME with your remote students to go over homework. problems, etc.

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