Electronics Design








Open the terminal where he writes Fab + Enter then proceeds to determine the type of machine you want to usein this case the Roland Models.












Give a click to the type of action you want to do if cut or another.











The procedure to open the file in PNG format.























You specify the number of passes that will spawn as well as the depth in my case 2 passes and depth -1.2 mm. Make click in Path, simulates the cut shape.

After calibrating the testing board by 3 points, origin, means and end.

If the spawn points for the 3 collides with the plate, then proceeds to move the source, load make. rml, send it! … and ready.











For cutting line does the same in the lit place - 1.7 mm because the board has an ardous of 1.68 mm and thenperformed the same procedure.

When choosing components is done with the tin plates, tin in my case all the circuit less what they will land, then I soldered each component assembly and to be ready.
  Thank you.







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