Welcome on my personal site for Fab Academy 2015. Here I will record the crazy journey this is going to be. You can follow my weekly progress in the assignments section. There I will post the results of that weeks assignments. If you want to see how my final project is coming along and how much still needs to be done, you can check out the final project sections. There I will post everything along the way, from the first sketches to the final presentation.

About me

Hi, my name is Frank. I'm joining in from the FabLab at Waag in Amsterdam. I studied social and environmental sciences at the Utrecht University. After I got my bachelor degree, I wanted to learn something more practical. That's why I signed up for Fab Academy.

My lab

I'm joining in from the FabLab from Waag Society in Amsterdam. This Lab is situated in the beautiful 15th-century Waag building in the historical center of Amsterdam.