Fab Academy

Final Project

Once in fair at village I was enjoying bull race. But suddenly an accident took place near by me. I was so much scared Bull suddenly became
uncontrollable.Also many times that bulls unable to stop themself even after crossing end line. I was safe but I lost in thinking that if it is
possible to controll bull remotly? But I was just 15, was in school. At that time I was in school and I didnt know about FabLab. Now then years
have been passed. Now it is not imagination only.Im trying to make it almost possible.

Project Idea

I want to make such device that will able to controll bull. The idea behind this, I decided to use DC motor thas has low starting tourq and speed
also. Then remote circuit, I thought to use RF module initially. That means Rf module will able to communicate between two boards. This will operate
motors that I will attache to the rein of bull.

Above image will make easy to understand project idea.

Once It works, I have to install it on neck of bull. So if bull became uncontrollable using remote one can turn ON and OFF motors so that rein get
pull as done by manually. This is application area.I decided to use Decoder and Encoder IC. Initially it looks very easy because i have made wirwless
circuit for home appliance but on through hole PCB. This is first time I am going to use SMD.

Mainly I have to work on circuits more than machanical part which is quite easy. It is just fixing the motors and attaching it to rein.electronics
circuit till now I was ussing through hole componants. During fab academy i used smd. componants. For final project I thought of the use encoder and
decoder IC. Which eshtablished wireless communication, transistor circuit and relay circuit. The thought behind that was I will operate DC motor by
transister circuit to operate relay and Decoder and Encoder ICs for remote communication. I made block diagram for the electronic concept I though

Also study the theoratically how it will implement. I study the datasheets for ICs and for transistor. Because for designing electronics circuit using
smd componants need to know pakages. I decide to used transistor as switch to oprate relat that further connect supply to motors connected to it. Now I got clear idea about electronics design. I try this circuit on breadboard and then went to design on EAGLE.

Electronic Design

In Electronic Design I learnt to use Eagle software using that I designed transmitter board and receiver board.here one can get EAGLE FILES for board design. I milled the board on modela and implement the board.

Above is png design of receiver circuit and milled and soldered board.

I have soldered componants on it. But problem is, it does not work at all. I took tryels and trying to fix it many times. But it still not working at
all. I encountered a problem that receiver is receiving a signales. Red light in above circuit indicates valid communication between two boards. I
though its done but it was not like that. somthing is missing there and Im working on that from so long time but not able to fix it. I trash the board
while working on it so long. So made new board.Once was installing solar system at Vigyan Ashram with service engineer, at once at evening time I talk
to him about problem in circuit board. He guide me tell me to check componants pakages I have used. So as per his advice I checked whole board
starting with circuit design, check all componants datasheets.

Checked the all componants ance again. Whole things were ok except that transisters I have ordered was wrong. So I need to replace it with
right one. I changed that IC finally it works. I am so happy with that now felt that my final project is under coverage. Until then I damage the

So I again design new board rectifying all mistaks and tried to make it less bulky to do suhas helps me.New Board Design I almost get succeed with board design and componant soldering on it. I sucessfully done by this method. Problem with this board was it is unable stay longer their componants. I lost two ICs on this boards. I dont know why initially it works after sometime it automatically stop working. Unfortunatly I dont have photograps of working board

Checked the all componants ance again. Whole things were ok except that transisters I have ordered was wrong. So I need to replace
it with right one. I changed that IC finally it works. I am so happy with that now felt that my final project is under coverage. Until then
I damage the board.

Old board

Anyway that was very ordinary work and planning for such innovative project idea. So I leave that methode of working on this. While working it gave
me a lot things that sould be considered for such project idea. So I decide main work flow which contains.

circuit design and fabrication
code writting
Embedded programming

Electronics production

Download the files
Download the files to mill. Get the files from Fab Academy site. But the problem was I did not get 1/64 bit to mill the board. All bits were broken. But then I milled the board with broken 1/64 bit

Board is ready with soldering the SMDs. Most difficult part to soldring was ATmega328 IC which took to much time. Finally I checked the board. At
the end I again checked all traces shorts. Microcontroller terminals the board is ready for being program.

Burning the Bootloader.
I can use either an ATmega168 or ATmega328 this board. Just make sure I have to burn the appropiate bootloader. As I used atmega 328p. I dint
understand bootloader clearly. But in simple line I understand bootloader as it is small program that allows the sketches to being upload on the
IC to program. So first target was to burn bootloader on blank IC. I reffer datasheets for microcontroller and get the below info.
ATmega328 Pinouts

I have to an in-system programmer (ISP) but the FabISP I made in class was not work any more. Since Im using Arduino board instead so now I felt that
I can use Arduino IDE and board. And I found on the net that the easiest way to get the bootloader onto the board is through the Arduino IDE
so I thought to use. For this I reffer the Tutorial available on internet. I made set up of Arduino IDE by fallowing tutorial.
Here is the boards.txt file to make custom setup in the arduino IDE. The file should be placed in a sub-folder (e.g. "hallo.arduino") of a folder called "hardware" which needs to be created with a user's Arduino sketchbook folder (whose location can be found in the preferences dialog of the Arduino IDE). By default, mine was.
Windows: My Documents/Arduino/hardware/fabduino/boards.txt.
I connect the ISP (5V, GND, SCK, MISO, and MOSI) from the arduino to the hallo arduino board. Once ISP pins are connected plugged arduino UNO
board to computer and "Tools->Board" in the Arduino IDE an pick hallo.arduino, Atmega328p,9V,8Mhz internal occilator board.And then
"Tools->programmer and on appropriate port" in the Arduino
. In my case I chose programmer Arduino as ISP. Beacuse I was using arduino
board to burn bootloader. Thats all then clicked on Burn bootloader. But it gives following error.

Every AVR device has diffrent signature. As im using ATmega328p-AU which has diffrent signature. So I upadate avrdude.config file in arduino
and save the file and again restart Arduino IDE.
cant find parent part Error while burning bootloader I search on internet about this error if someone had same error. Did not get any usful info

So I deciced to used Arduino as FTDI

Again, I cheked everything in tools menu wether everything is right or wrong selected
Click on Tools -> Board
Tools -> Serial Port
make sure USB cable is plugged in, both to the computer and the Arduino. that was fine too

Also I have current drivers in system no issue with drivers
But the result is same. Nathing changes with the error. There was a many more solution available on internet. I tried couple os solution but
can not rectifire error.

So one more tutorial I decided to try it out that was "Arduino as FTDI" which available on net
I have Arduino IDE 1.6.5 installed on windows 7 and arduino UNO board to burn bootloader

Step 1: pluged in the usb in order to communicate arduino to computer.
Step 2: In tools menu select following
Tool>Board Tool>COM port Step 3: In example program open ArduinoISP program to uploade in oreder to set arduino as isp and click uploade
Step 4: Removed the Atmega IC from board and made following connection arduino to hallo.arduino

Connect RESET pin to RESET on hallo.arduino
Connect Rx pin to Rx on hallo.arduino
Connect Tx pin to Tx on hallo.arduino
Connect GND pin to GND on hallo.arduino
Connect VCC pin to VCC on hallo.arduino

Step 4: Select Tool>
>port>Arduino UNO (COM36) (This is on my computor)
>programmer> Arduino as ISP
>Burn bootloader
I got the following error saying that bootloader tool is missing.

some one says on arduino forum that You should be able to edit the boards.txt file to fix the problem. So I locate my boards.txt file
C:/Documents/Arduino/hardware/avr/boards.txt which is default loacation in my system. and just add few lines to it and save and kept as it is

Restart the IDE software, changes to take place. then again followed above steps. I got new error which is unexpected. I tried alot to get
bootloader to burn. A long time I stick with the board. It take too much time on this.

Programming in c

I have decided to use stepper at receiver. I need to define one input pin for receiver module to receive singles and four out put pins for stepper

In transmitter i have to interface two buttons to operate motor to send singles and one pin transmitter module.

here is all programming code I have develop for my final project 2D & 3D designing

Until then I decided to design container box for transmitter and receiver.
For 3D designing I used Google sketchUp. In computer aided design week I have used google sketch up. hence using this I have design 3D design
for transmitter and receiver.

Transmitter box

Receiver Box

Here is file for 3D design

For 2D design I used Inkscape software. I mdesign Remote and Receiver box for my final project.
Here is some screen shots of Inkscape during designing.

Here is file for 2D design

I have design name plate for my project using vinyl cutter. For this I used coral Draw.

Here is png file

Also I have design Lever for motor to hold rein in Tinker cad and print the object on 3D printer
Step by Step procesure I explained as follows

1. Open the software Cura for orientation of object.
Please the object on its flat surface so there won’t be any support
Save the file again.

2. Open software KISSlicer for slicing the object and creating GCODE

Set the printing parameters as follows

Now slice the object .
Below image after slicing the object.

Save the file as GCODE file.

Open Software Repetier for connecting the 3D Printer and sending GCODE

Load GCODE File which was saved previously.

Before starting the printing. Apply Acetone + ABS slurry to glass bed.
Now Click on Run button While printing

Here is some photo while 3D printing object

Here download 3D design files .stl and Gcode

There are a lot thing is need to do yet. Right I just made prototype and took opinion of owener on that. Many of them still not sure that this
will work with bull. But they neither refuse that it cant work. So there are certain amount of implication need to do.