Fab Academy 2014,
Masato Takemura

My Road

2014,June,3 Add an Demo vendingmachine site.
2014,May,30 Add an picture of finished model.
2014,May,30 Add an feature about LED light module.
2014,May,29 Add an item about developping of Raspberrypi.
2014,May,29 Add an contents about case design.
2014,May,28 Upload week's assignment 17th
2014,May,24 Add an item about web page programming.
2014,May,21 Add document of 16th week's assingment.
2014,May,20 Add document of 15th week's assingment.
2014,May,20 Add contents on 14th week's assingment.
2014,May,20 Add an item about application.

For my final project, I'm cosidering to how to work motor from webbrowser. First I try to use webserver on RaspberryPi.

2014,May,20 Add link to mechanical design.

Weekly Assingments