About me

My interests

I'm fascinated by anything that can be programmed. My current focus is on wearable technology, affective computing and all the tools that could allow humans to better interact with machines, while enjoying a better life and improved health. I'm also interested in smart devices, internet of things, robotics, digital art and much more.


Since 1996 I served as project manager, consultant and technology officer in industrial and research projects of any size across Italy and Europe. I worked in the fields of cultural heritage, e-health, digital preservation, multimodal interfaces, web and mobile publishing. During my career I also founded two IT start-ups, held workshops at international conferences and events, and have been interviewed by national and international press. My work experience allowed me to build a broad expertise in systems, web and mobile software development, open-source and open hardware, embedded programming, and electronics.


I hold a degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa.

Personal info

I was born 38 years ago in Messina, Italy, a beautiful city in the north of Sicily. I'm married since 2013 and share my house with two cute little dogs. Since 1994 I'm living in Cascina, about 6 km from Pisa, in the Tuscany country side. Apart from my technological passions I enjoy reading science fiction, riding my Harley Davidson motorbike and caring for plants.

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