I'm an architect, a maker and a fabguru living in Portugal.
After completing my MSc in Architecture, I started collaborating with two digital fabrication laboratories:

  • Vitruvius FabLab
  • FabLab EDP


    They were both just starting and the coordinators thought I could be a key element on their projects. So I started working like hell to get everything running the way I thought it could be better. Obviously now I'd do everything differently...well, not everything, but you know, after some years of experience you learn more things and you get wiser. That's probably the most important thing you learn from this maker experience, "trial and error".

    Then, I got a bit deeper into this reality of digital fabrication and found something more than lasercutting, 3d printing and Arduinos.

    So, at this point of my short and not so important life was where things got really interesting for me. The idea of learning molding processes, creating circuits to interact, coding and controlling machines is awesomely empowering! and also something I wanted to learn right next to the bible. "just joking"...

    Right now I'm still trying to understand where all these things can lead me to, as I'm following a path that it's not written yet, it's not design, architecture or engineering of any kind. It's somewhere in between that I really enjoy doing.



    During my breaks, weekends, holidays and sleep deprivation periods I also work for a 3D printing company that I helped to build from scratch. Well, in the end, the person who puts the money is who have the final word, but at least I tried. It's name is 3D spot, a 3D printing company in Lisbon, and yes, we also make mini mees for weddings.

    Well, hope you enjoy my page!

    If you ever need some help or just chat about digital fabrication or fablabs, or trial and error, feel free to send me an email to hello [at] open3dge.com