Sanjivani Fab Lab

A Maker Space to Make Almost Anything

Sanjivani College of Engineering

About Sanjivani Fab Lab

Established in 2021, the Sanjivani Fab Lab is a dynamic addition to our academic ecosystem, drawing inspiration from the pioneering Vigyan Ashram Pabal (FAB LAB 0), the first fab lab in the world.

Aligned with the global Fab Lab network, Sanjivani Fab Lab proudly offers the Fab Academy course, connecting our students to a transformative learning experience. Our well-equipped lab boasts essential tools such as a Laser cutter, 3D printer, PCB milling machine, Vinyl cutter, Soldering station, and Electronic components.

Open to both college students and the wider community, the lab provides access to a range of facilities, encouraging collaborative innovation. In the 2024 Fab Academy cycle, Sanjivani Fab Lab demonstrated its commitment to fostering education by registering three students with an impressive 80% scholarship from the fab foundation.

The Sanjivani Fab Lab stands as a hub for creativity, learning, and hands-on exploration, reflecting our dedication to nurturing talent and facilitating cutting-edge technological advancements.


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