Week 07 - Computer Controlled Machining

Group assignment

Test: Runout, alignment, fixturing, speeds, feeds and toolpaths. On the link below you can find the complete process of this week's group assignment, covering usage and setting up parameters.Click here

Make (design+mill+assemble) something BIG!

Precedents: MAEBB - Valldaura labs/IAAC (2021)

Before FabAcademy I did a master program from IAAC where I had the same excersice. In that time I explored press fit pieces with CNC, as well for the rest of the program since it was based on building with wood.

"Pupi-TRE": A portable kit designed for classrooms that don't have tables for taking notes. Included: a clipable 3D printed piece for beneath the chair + CNC wood pieces to assemple easily which will slide in the piece.

Design: "Bed/couch table"

3D modelling: Rhino + Grasshopper

1. Sketching ideas and taking measurements: I asked my instructors if I could push toward a different path so I could expand my carpentry skills.

2. Rhino: SubD modelling for a morph shape, playing around with mesh faces.

3. BowerBird + OpenNest: using the same script from week 3 "Computer Controlled Cutting". Connected the new brep and adapted the iterations on the nesting.

RhinoCAM settings

Material & tool set up (digital)

1. Stock: Select all the elements you want to cut and set up the size of your board (underlined with red). A yellow/orange box will appear indicating the area that it will operate.

2. Milling machine tool: for our CNC machine we are using a 6mm Flat down-cut mill, update parameters according to the machine's capacity.

Set up according to functions

1. Drilling: one of the first things to set up

2. Hole pocketing:

3. Internal profiling:

4. External profiling:

5. Common parameters (internal & external):

6. Post:

CNC machine set up

Material & tool set up (physical)

1. Set up XYZ + Load "Drilling" file:

2. Start screwing

3. Load "Pocketing" file:

4. Load "Profilling" file:

5. Remove pieces: Unscrewing board + Chiseling bridges + Cleanning area

Post processing pieces

Sanding(manual) + Assembly + Clamping

Sanding tecniques (machines)

Final outcome

Still a work in progress...keep on shaping!


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